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"Macho y Embra" by Camila Ullauri

"Macho y Embra" by Camila Ullauri

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Artist: Camila Ullauri

Name: Macho y Embra

Year: 2024

Medium: Oil on Wood

Size: 41 w” x 51” h

Frame: N/A

From the Artist:

The funnest part of painting for me is grabbing all of my personal inspirations and turning them into my own world. I have realized that I enjoy depicting things that are both masculine and feminine. Trying to create harmony with these two energies. I wanted to make a fun, explosive piece that celebrates both energies. Tigers, being loners and predators often going after what they want. Very indicative of what people consider to be masculine. Yet, the composition has lotus flowers, which represent purity, resilience and rebirth. What people may consider feminine energy. There is a balance in everything, and I believe I constantly try to carry both of these sides of me. I am in my feminine when I express myself, but when it comes to acting out being mission driven my masculine comes out. It is beautiful to know that these two energies are within everybody, one is just as important as the other. It is important to recognize each one, no matter your gender. We all experience this duality. 

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