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LAAMS Stencil & Brush Tee

LAAMS Stencil & Brush Tee

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-LAAMS' Cut and Sew Construction
-100% Cotton Heavyweight Weight Tee
-Hand Airbrushed Stencil Graphic on Front and Back
-Hand Airbrush Detail Along Seams
-Oversized Drop Shoulder Fit
-Woven LAAMS Label Necktag

In a nod to one of the most revered and perhaps slept-on Dunk releases of all time, LAAMS introduces the Stencil & Airbrush Tee—a tribute to the legendary Eric Haze and his groundbreaking 2003 Nike Dunk collaboration. The High Top and Low Top versions featured inverted motifs, showcasing HAZE's distinctive style. 

LAAMS' Stencil & Airbrush Tee draws inspiration from this iconic collaboration. Created in collaboration with Gabe Rozzell and Tools of Deadass Happy, each piece is a meticulous recreation of HAZE's stencil graphics, flipped to incorporate LAAMS' text and emblem logos paired with hand airbrushed seams, a nod to LAAMS’ roots in 1 of 1 upcycling. Both the front and back of the tee feature LAAMS hand-airbrushed stencil applications.

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