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LAAMS Print+Zine I Camila Ullauri

LAAMS Print+Zine I Camila Ullauri

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P+Z Includes: 

1 Print, 1 Zine

Artist: Camila Ullauri

Risograph printed zine, 22 Pages with center fold insert, printed in 4 Colors. 

11 x 17" Print on 80lb Cover, French Speckeltone, 3 Color Print, signed and numbered.

Our newest in-house publication by LOOK PUBLISHING & Printed by our own Tommy Riso printing operation.

LAAMS P+Z, is a monthly publication, spotlighting an up & coming creative with the goal of sharing their talent while providing customers the ability to buy into their work early on and at an affordable price.

Each edition comes with a Riso Print, signed and numbered edition of 74 by the artist, with a corresponding Zine, featuring the artists’ work and some info about who they are, where their inspirations come from and how they like to work.

LAAMS is proud to present our inaugural Volume 1 featuring:
Camila Ullauri

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