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Chaotic Tutorials By Gabe Rozzell

Chaotic Tutorials By Gabe Rozzell

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Artist: Gabe Rozzell

Size: 39" x 32"

Medium: Airbrush & Oil on Canvas 

Frame: Custom Cut White Wood, Floated on White Matte w/ Exposed Rar Edge

"I was watching chaotic tutorial videos - 5 of them were in my head the next day. I opted to incorporate oil paint to feed into the chaos, veering away from sharp lines and adding a sloppier texture."

1. How to Kick in a Door

2. How to Throw a Molotov Cocktail 

3. How to Stack Your Money Properly

4. How to Bungee Jump

5. How to of Backyard Wrestling Moves - Thrown through a Flaming Table


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