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Amani Heywood - Just the two of us

Amani Heywood - Just the two of us

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Artist: Amani Heywood

Year: 2022

Medium: Acrylic on 130 lb paper 

About the Artist:

My name is Amani Heywood and I'm a Bronx-born Trinidadian artist. I use my love of fashion, philosophy, and architecture to invoke a feeling that I then translate into an abstract mindscape. 

     As a child, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. This, made me see letters morph into the swirls and squiggles we see today in my work.  It always felt like I wasn't reading, more like interpreting these symbols means so I can move through the world. Now that I have an understanding of what my brain was doing, I like to show people what I saw then now.

      Poring, dripping, throwing, and spraying are only some of the application techniques I use to apply color to whatever object I’m painting. Matching and blending colors until I have a photo that represents my feelings is what I love.
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