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Abstractions by Polat

Abstractions by Polat

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By: Polat

Year: 2023

Condition: 4

Medium: Acrylic on Card Stock


Frame: 3 Paintings, Float Mat in Custom Black Metal Frame 

About: Kurdish street artist who goes by simply 'Polat.' Polat currently resides on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. He sells his work from various benches in the Galata area of Istanbul. After a lengthy discussion with Polat where he seemingly was withholding his ethnicity, which he finally divulges was Kurdish. Because of the tensions between the Turkish & Kurdish, despite being educated and a skilled painter, Polat finds it hard to gainful employment in Istanbul. His dream, which he paints towards everyday is to continue to move west until he reaches Switzerland where he can live quiet and peacefully with his art. LAAMS owner Scotty picked this triptych up from Polat, amongst others to show his work and tell his story here in NYC. 


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