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Anunciate by D.B. Sage

Anunciate by D.B. Sage

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Artist: Derek B. (Sage)

Year: 2021/2022

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Oil Pastel, and Sage Ash

Frame Type: Stretched Canvas

Size: 16" x 20"

About the Piece: 
The initial motive behind Annunciate was inspired by Antonello de Messina’s Virgin Annunciate. In countless cultures, masks can exist as objects enhancing spiritual connections, serving as protection in warfare, or portrayals of present civilizations––among other meaningful purposes. Alluding to the spiritual aspect, I have embedded sage ash on the teeth of the mask. Additionally, I wanted to incorporate red, green, and black to reference David Hammons’ African American Flag. The mask’s design stems from an original reimagined character concept––exhibiting the wear and tear of an unknown history.

About the Artist:
I was born in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up, creating and engaging in visual art acted as an outlet for expression. The basis of my artwork can develop through a particular psyche or unique inspiration. Subjects in my work of art come from original concepts, cultural references, observations of my surroundings, encounters with individuals, or history. I anticipate enhancing storytelling—whether relevant to the experiences of individuals or pockets of history. I frequently utilize Acrylic Paints, Aerosol Spray Paints, Oil Pastels, and Charcoals in my art. Each medium allows me to translate my visions into a different style— ultimately shaping and shifting how a viewer may experience a particular piece. The textures found throughout my work can often be intentional, however, naturally serve as traces of the psyche and evolution of the work’s development. As I continue my journey, I aspire to spread the engagement of art for youth in New York City to provide an alternative outlook to self-expression, but also as an approach to chasing their dreams.  
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