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UNDERCOVER / Jun Takahashi Exhibition Poster

UNDERCOVER / Jun Takahashi Exhibition Poster

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Artist: Jun Takahashi

Year: 2015

Medium: Exhibition Poster


Frame: Custom Cut Black Metal 


Prior to Jun Takahashi releasing his 'TGRAPHICS' Book, UNDERCOVER Japan hosted a Hong Kong exhibition featuring the works from the book for an exclusive 5 Day show. 

Throughout Undercover’s two and a half decade run, Jun Takahashi printed and had numerous graphics featured on t-shirts, with graphics ranging widely in purpose and aesthetic. In Undercover's 'TGRAPHICS' book, many of these unique and wide ranging prints are explored and shown off in both textile and original art forms. The art featured in this book stretches from before Undercover was even its own brand entity, to its more recent work from 2015. Some key highlights include work from Takahashi's time in the Tokyo Sex Pistols, prints from SS2003 'SCAB', AW2001 'D.A.V.F.', and many other celebrated seasons. From punk inspired works to the more high art minded pieces, Undercover has truly done it all.

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