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Tiny Flower by Erica Boni

Tiny Flower by Erica Boni

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Artist: Erica Boni

Date: unkown 

Medium: Gouache and gel pens

Size: 12" by 16" 

Description: My Zayde (grandfather) was a survivor of many of the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, the 835 and the star of David at the center of this piece are a reference to the prison number tattooed on his arm. Mardi Gras Indian wings, banana trees and staircases to elevated realms of consciousness surround this, pointing at the rich beauty that I have the pleasure of witnessing despite all odds stacked against his survival (and my existence!). There is a reference to psalm 23 on the body of a woman and images of headless men representative of friends who fell prey to self-destruction. The piece was conceived from a place of deep aliveness filled with both the grief and euphoria that are intrinsic to life in New Orleans.

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