Sean Cliver for Vans Syndicate

Sean Cliver for Vans Syndicate

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By: Sean Cliver within Sneeze Magazine & Supreme

Year: 2014

Size: 32 x 32 + Matte

Condition: 4

Frame: Black Metal

Framed page from SNEEZE Magazine Issue 22


SNEEZE returns this summer (2014), following up its pre-spring, poster-filled issue with the “Deal With It” issue for Summer 2014. Covered by the Crypt Keeper from HBO‘s horror anthology Tales from the Crypt, the issue includes photography from Kenneth Cappello, Ben Colen and Andi Elloway; an Angelo Baque-conducted interview with Sam Friedman; a Supreme “cherry” poster; and highlights the likes of Dylan Rieder, Tinashe, John Kassir, Wild Things and more.