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Undercover 2001 Space Odyssey Hoodie (L)

Undercover 2001 Space Odyssey Hoodie (L)

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By: Undercover

Year: Fall 2018

Size: 4 (L-XL)

Condition: 4 (New without tags)

By incorporating visual elements from this legendary cinematic work into their latest work, Undercover translates the futuristic aesthetic of and the ethereal undercurrent that runs throughout 2001: A Space Odyssey as a tangible, ready to wear quality, the perfect statement piece for an age in which losing an argument to a computer is a daily occurrence, and not a futuristic fantasy.  

2001 is universally acknowledged as one of the best and most influential films ever made. As such, 2001: A Space Odyssey is ripe for being mined as inspiration.  While anyone is capable of making surface level callbacks to the movie’s recognizable moments, truly capturing the visionary spirit is another matter.  For Fall/Winter 2018, influential pioneers Undercover have booked their boundary transcending aesthetic a seat on a Pan Am Orion III, with a collection that brings the fantastical futurism of 2001 to life. A critical factor in 2001’s realism is that instead of having Hollywood artists imagine what technology would become in 33 years, Kubrick engaged professionals from the aerospace field to push past the limits of existing, state of the art technology. 

Multicoloured cotton tie-dye contrast hoodie from Undercover featuring a drawstring hood, long sleeves, fitted cuffs, contrasting panels and a tie-dye print

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