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Lee Scratch Perry x Supreme Notes Tee

Lee Scratch Perry x Supreme Notes Tee

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By: Supreme & Lee Scratch Perry

Year: 2010

Size: Large

Condition: 2 (Cracking Graphic) 

A complex and contradictory being, Lee Scratch Perry is one of the most important creative, artistic and musical figures to emerge in the latter half of the 20th Century. He is a devout Rastafarian that believes in extraterrestrials, has proclaimed his children angels in the literal sense, and advocates black supremacy and an end to taxation while living with a wealthy European wife in Switzerland.

The work Perry produced with Bob Marley is among the most outstanding of their respective careers, including the immortal Soul Rebels and Soul Revolution albums, plus unique singles such as Jah Live, Punky Reggae Party and Rastaman Live Up.

For the Spring 2010  season, Lee Perry collaborated with Supreme on two T-Shirt designs featuring his written word and his original artwork. This tee is Lee Perry’s signature hand style splayed across the front with black box logo on back neckline. 

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