Know Wave x Hypebeast Issue 15
Know Wave x Hypebeast Issue 15

Know Wave x Hypebeast Issue 15

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By: Know Wave via Hypebeast


Featuring: The Foundation Issue

Also: Skepta, Nigel Sylvester, Oliver Roustein & More

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HYPEBEAST Magazine's "The Foundation Issue" takes us beyond the simple appearances of products and output we see within our culture. We dig deep into the backgrounds of fashion brands, musicians and personalities alike to uncover their roots – focusing on both the newly established and the long-standing. With this issue, we not only discover origin stories, but also gain new insight into the past influences and future missions of our favorite brands, individuals, and collectives. Gracing the cover of our 15th issue is the name you have seen emblazoned across T-shirts and caps everywhere, internet radio station Know Wave. We took the time to speak to two of its founders, Aaron Bondaroff and Al Moran about the inception of Know Wave and the current state of the station. Keeping with the thread of illustrious logos, we met up with Thrasher Magazine’s legendary editor-in-chief, Jake Phelps, who has been at the helm of the skate bible for decades. Phelps shares with us his own perception of the magazine, and just what the Thrasher name stands for. Within the issue, we also tapped a few key figures in music and sports to examine their influence on their respective fields – Skepta about his impact on Grime, Nigel Sylvester on BMX. In the fashion realm, we look into several brands who have continued to stay atop their industries through time in Balmain and Stone Island. We call upon Olivier Rousteing and Carlo Rivetti to discuss the pressures of working with such storied labels and to shed light on their direction for the future. The issue also includes interviews with Chitose Abe of Sacai and Chris Gibbs of Union Los Angeles.