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"JUNGLE" by Sivan Miller

"JUNGLE" by Sivan Miller

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Artist: Sivan MIller




From the Artist: 

This was for a magazine called Jungle Magazine, based in London. We shot this in New York City. I worked with stylist, Vvutura. The story was about using various mediums, bud displaying the photographs we took, on various mediums. this one in particular , I photographed it, And then afterwards, layed it out on the street until various cars drove over it, causing this effect. It did take various tries until I got the result I liked best.

 About the Artist:

Born in South Africa. Sivan Miller's work was first featured by Oprah Winfrey at the age of 16 with a feature in O Magazine. 17 years later, Sivan is now a NYC based fashion photographer making his foray into new fields.

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