Other People’s Problems by Erica Boni

Other People’s Problems by Erica Boni

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Artist: Erica Boni

Date: 2009-2012

Medium: Gouache

Size: 14" by 17" 

Description: This piece was strangely prophetic; I began creating it in 2009 and completed it in 2012. Pictured are myself, my best friend Stevee and my late lover Dingee. The three of us ended up quarantined together last year. He was always a flight risk due to his drug habit, hence the clock on his forehead foretelling an early ending. To the right, Stevee is reading my tarot cards, predicting the future! When he passed away last summer, this piece took on a whole new dimension and meaning. The light and wisdom and love he gave the world is eternal and this painting is a part of that legacy.