“Lick of Death”

“Lick of Death”

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By: Isabella C


Condition: 4

Size: 22 x 22

Price: $450


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Wood Frame

This piece is inspired by the vices of my reality and all that comes with it. The pleasures, trials and the beauty that is closely knitted with not only morality, but the pace of womanhood and the idea of women in our world. Acknowledging all your personal “demons” while respecting your vices. The woman is placed in the middle full of color which represents the power and flow of emotion, while the tongue is in the elbow licking the grim butterfly. To me butterflies are gentle creatures but also the ultimate transformers physically and symbolically. By placing a grim within the butterfly I was taking on the idea that even the most gentle creatures have evolved to be just that, humble beginnings and near death experiences.

The eight balls represent eyes and how your perspective controls your reality which will resonate with everyone differently.

The mouth is one of my favorite parts of this piece because it’s playful and loud, unapologetic and detailed.

The background of both stripes and checkerboard was meant to capture the mayhem, antics and pace of my lifestyle which I find peace within.

There are a lot of perspectives to this piece, so take your time to take it all in.



About Isabella C:

My name is Isabella, I was born on E 7th st between B/C. I grew up in Harlem, and went to school mainly downtown. Both of my parents are artists, one being visual and the other musical I was constantly placed in different and diverse environments which allowed me to express myself independently. My art is a reflection/interpretation of my exposures, experiences and the people in my life.