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Neighborhood x Stussy Boneyards Tee

Neighborhood x Stussy Boneyards Tee

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By: Neighborhood & Stussy

Year: 2008

Size: XL 

Condition: 3

The Boneyards Project might be one of the most exciting collaborations of the late 2000s. A design team consisted of 3 creative directors & designers: Fraser Cooke of Nike, Paul Mittleman of Stussy, and Shinsuke Takizawa of NEIGHBORHOOD (NBHD) toiled away for a year and a half creating the unique collection. Based on a secret surfing location within San Pedro, Los Angeles. The bold stroke graphics and images from the San Pedro neighborhood reflect a lifestyle of bikers, punk rock, surf, and skateboard , a lifestyle that thrived in the Boneyards. The collection released with 3 renditions of Nike’s Blazer model with remains one of the most slept on sneakers today. 

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