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Ashley Bickerton Signed Exhibition Poster

Ashley Bickerton Signed Exhibition Poster

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Artist: Ashley Bickerton

Year: 2016

Medium: Signed Exhibition Poster 


Frame: Black Metal 


2016 Exhibition Poster from Ashley Bickerton's Wall-Wall exhibition at Tripoli Gallery in Southampton, New York. 

Tripoli Gallery is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by Ashley Bickerton, entitled Wall-Wall. On view from July 8 to August 8, 2016, Wall-Wall will open with a reception for the artist on Saturday, July 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. at 30a Jobs Lane in Southampton, NY.

Comprising new works that revisit the artist’s wall contemplation units of the 1980’s, the selection of works being presented were made in Bali Indonesia, where Bickerton has lived and worked since 1993.

These brightly colored new works, which the artist refers to as ‘painting things’, feature single and multi-panel wall facsimiles consisting of oil paint on fiberglass and resin cast rocks set on plywood structures with aluminum hanging armatures.

‘Wall-Wall’ represents a new incarnation of a series Bickerton began as a young artist in the mid 80s: "At the time I was obsessed with the idea of what a painting was, what a painting meant. Not as a picture, but as a thing, a thing in the world. One day in Mexico, just outside Acapulco after a long bus ride up from Oaxaca, I saw it, a hideous stone garden wall painted hot pink and purple (the rocks and mortar, respectively). It hit me in an instant: there it was, the answer I had been searching for. -If a painting is something that fills a space on a wall with color and meaning, then what is more obvious than a piece of colored wall to affect meaning?"


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