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Ottoman Era Medical Book Page Triptych

Ottoman Era Medical Book Page Triptych

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By: Undetermined

Year:Mid 1800s (Book Page) + Pre 1980 (Painting)

Condition: 3

Medium: Original Hand Written Book Page w/ Acrylic Paint


Frame: Gold Metal Frame Float on Black 


Purchased in Istanbul, Turkey from the the Second Hand Book Bazaar, or Sahaflar Carsisi, is one of the oldest markets in the world. Though its exact location and function have changed a bit over the years, there has been a book and paper market roughly in this spot since Byzantine times (1400s).

This triptych is comprised of 3 200+ year old Ottoman Era book pages, hand inscribed then hand painted at a non-exact time pre-1980. The book pages were taken from an Ottoman health book and each are double sided. 


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