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Till Stanisch

So the idea is inspired by tagged up NYC mailboxes cause in my country they get buffed right away.. So basically the front is painted “mailbox” green and the rest is done with a white out pentel.. The drawings include (but not limited to): Metro, Timb boot, Krylon can, (dead)rats, NY slice, dice, brick wall, water tower, fire escape, tags/ throws, skyline etc. Then crossed with yellow/ pink gothic type using markers.


Pierfrancesco (Pier) Mari

Pierfrancesco Mari's practice stems from a career in design and the music industry. Reminiscent of early renaissance paintings, his works evoke a grand scene, a chaotic “full story” of a digital epic evocative of long lost methods of visual story telling. The fusion with this stylistic exploration and his contribution to the visuals of the rap and r&b world, have created a diverse and ample space in which his work lives, as well as a truly unique style that is continuously allowing his practice to evolve through digital media.

Victor Rivera

This piece would be done with a mix of spray paint & window paint for the glass. If possible I would also paint on the ground as well in a small spot to give the effect that it’s coming on to the floor and give a safe for people to stand for pictures.

Averill (AV) Smith

When thinking about what I love to see on a building, my mind is drawn towards tile. I would love to collaborate my favorite visual of tiles with my own twist of inverse coloring and play. A series of Polaroids will be displayed in similar pattern of the tiles as a nod towards the community that LAAMS fosters on display because I find that a pivotal part of the experience of LAAMS. LAAMS to me is a palace that deserves to have its moment adorned in colorful porcelain. My intention is to have the tiles be taken off and able to be repurposed in others lives or as pieces that one can take home and have a piece of LAAMS with them, since I know I always do.


I myself have been a graffiti artist most of my life. I consider myself to be a versatile artist, or a mixed medium artist who finds art in movement as well as living in a health mind/body perspective. I’m not just mixed medium artist and a movement specialist, but I believe life itself is art and everything we do is art related. Thanks again for the opportunity to showcase my thoughts and expression for what I would believe to be a well received iteration of your storefront, with a little touch of my aesthetics that I’ve curated over the last three decades.

Peter Vu

For me, creating art is a way to find deeper meaning in life. It requires me to reflect on my past to understand where I came from and how I can use that knowledge to open new worlds towards my future. This process can be difficult as I grapple with my thoughts, emotions, and the spirit within me. But when I push through those struggles, that battle most always transforms into a beautiful dance.

Mahesh Mohan

I make iconographic paintings and illustrations which are more symbolic than explicit. My art is a diagram commenting on human biology, autonomy, science, and experiences such as birth, death, and rebirth. I create things that personally make me think and challenge my own ideas. I think the moment you inspire others or yourself is when an opportunity to think and see differently is available.

Jimbo Braddock

I call Detroit's east side my home, where my artistic journey kickstarted under the mentorship of my stepdad, a gifted graphic designer at Campbell Ewald. Those childhood days were all about sketching animated characters, trying my best to capture the enchantment of those iconic designs. At 18, I fully immersed myself in the art world. Self-teaching graphic design, screen printing, and advertising became my forte, and I eagerly shared these skills within our close-knit creative community.


The meaning behind piece is NYC! and how it’s always changing and growing. not only the surrounding but us as people. image design will be redesign to a regular NYC scaffolding with LAAMS name and store number. with an ƎRAЯE NYC® sticker handing out spaces between wood planks.

Cienna Smith

Cienna Smith is a Mixed Caribbean-American illustrator and visual development artist based in New York City. Cienna’s artistic practice is focused on creating colorful illustrations and paintings that evoke a dreamlike energy and a vibrant edge to life. Her personal work often delves into many different genres and topics, exploring surrealism, spirituality, myths, nostalgia, mental health, and painting women who look like they could be family.


Diego Montoya

Edom Tilahun

Brandon Sines

Britta Afae

Victor (toosaucyvic)

Trevien Blodgett


Ava Gridley

Gentle Cowboys

Naeem Shareef

Olivia Ellis

Rainer Cuiffo

Sheila Flores

Takeo Faison

Nicolette Gordon

Taylor Martinez

Gregory Robert

Joshua Villena

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