- Bronx resident Amani Heywood is a core member of the LAAMS team, both working the floor as a salers associate and a resident artist. With multiple successful solo exhibitions under his belt, Amani has built up a roster of regular clientele. His abstract style sets him apart from the rest of our artists and always brings brings a fresh look to the space. His past experience at Opening Ceremony & his continued clothing design makes him a super valuable asset to the team. 


-- Tru AKA DntWatchTV is a multidisciplinary artist. From the streets to gallery walls, you can't walk a few blocks without seeing his infamous "TV Boy" tag in the Lower East Side. Another member of AWGE, and a lead character in WESTSIDEGUNN's Buffalo Kids collective, Tru doesn't put down the spray can. Recent collaborations include Ksubi x Dnt Watch Hidji, Billionaire Boys Club and he's responsible for a multitude of art projects surrounding the Griselda group, often working out of WESTSIDE GUNN's art space in Buffalo, NY.


-- Despite his lowkey approach, Joe Ro has built a name that carries weight within the film photography world. He's been featured in Office Magazine and holds the title of Creative Director of LAAMS as well as founder of LOOK Publishing. His gritty New York style, predominantly black and white is charged with political and mental health commentary. Revered by the LES film photography community, he recently became a TA at the International Center of Photography while his photobooks and Printed Matter consistently sells out upon release.


-- Bronx Native OM!, (aka STFU) another multi disciplinary artist, has become well known for his blend of realism and fantasy . OM! His work includes the well known VIRGIL mural for ASAP Rocky & SNOT's 'DOJA' music video, the mural backdrop for the recent Future + Metroboomin 'Superhero' video as well as murals for multiple Barriers brand pop up experiences and a plethora of other impressive projects. Omi has reached a level beyond belief in the 2+ years with LAAMS.


-- KYZER (aka Kill Kyzer) hails from the famed Washington Heights neighborhood. He began his young career selling art in Washington Square park and now commands $3k and up. His work includes exhibitions alongside Al Diaz (the other 1/2 of Basquiat's SAMO works), installations for Ksubi, and more. He was the main subject of VICE's coverage of LAAMS explaining how his art and the LAAMS collective has taken him from high school dropout trouble maker to a successful artist. 


-- Gabe Rozzell may be new to the NYC art scene but quickly caught on with the LAAMS team and has become a full fledged member and frequent collaborator.His unique airbrush style is immediately recognizable as his own, leading to a successful inaugural show entitled "This is My First Solo Show." His pieces have been scene on the likes of Rae Sremmurd and his hand painted suits are featured prominently on Future and Metroboomin in their recent "Heroes" video as the main wardrobe for the performance segment of the video. It's only up from here for Gabe.