‘Feel Good Forever’
an exhibition by Alex Cohen

LAAMS 3rd Floor Front Room -
July 21st - July 31st

"I made around half of the art for this show while in a mental ward, being treated for a hypomanic episode and severe drug withdrawal. They cheered me up when I felt like the only person on the planet"

"This body of work was made as a vehicle to drive home that everyone is on some sort of cognitive disorderly spectrum, including your favorite cartoon characters. And that it’s okay to feel the way that you do. And it’s okay that your friend may have been to a psych ward or rehab. It’s all apart of everything we call life, and it’s rather unfortunate as to how bad we are at treating it, and talking about it in a normalized way"

Now, I hope they can add something to your life. Or at the very least expose some of American histories most famous characters for who they really are…